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About Us

At Camp Snap, we believe that every child deserves a memorable camp experience, filled with fun, friends, and adventure. Founded by Brian and Melanie, two former summer campers from Toronto, Ontario, we understand firsthand the importance of creating lasting memories in the great outdoors. Growing up in an era before smartphones, the internet, and gameboys, we spent our summers at camp, enjoying the natural world and forming lifelong friendships.

Now living in Hermosa Beach, California, we send our two boys to Camp Timberlane in Ontario, Canada, for four weeks every summer. However, after a couple of summers of sending our kids to camp with disposable cameras and only a handful of worthwhile photos, we realized there had to be a better option. Unfortunately, we discovered that there were no digital cameras available for kids that did not have a screen, thus sparking the idea for Camp Snap.

Camp Snap cameras are designed to help children stay present in the moment and fully engage with their surroundings, without being distracted by screen time. Our innovative camera technology provides a fun and interactive way for children to capture their camp memories, while encouraging them to focus on socializing, playing games, and exploring the great outdoors. At Camp Snap, we are committed to creating products that inspire adventure, foster creativity, and encourage children to unplug and experience the world around them.
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